Experience standards “in action” with the new GS1 Discovery App

Powerful. Easy. Interactive: The NEW GS1 Discovery App.

We invite you to venture through the newly expanded and rebranded, GS1 Discovery App! Find out how consumers are driving today’s omni-channel world with this simple, interactive and flexible web-based tool. Explore the app that is assisting users around the globe understand and explain how the power of standards are transforming the way we work and live. 

The Discovery App speaks the “language of business” in a fun and engaging way.

This web app reveals the numerous ways GS1 can help industry face real business challenges with innovative and global solutions. In contrast to one-dimensional brochures and PowerPoint presentations, the Discovery App will help users engage with GS1 in a new, modern way. The app is currently available in 12 localised global versions with several more on the way.

Discover GS1 in our NEW Fresh Foods version as well as our rebranded CPG version.

  • POWERFUL: The GS1 Discovery App enables users to experience GS1 standards “in action“, across the global supply chain.
  • EASY: Navigate end-to-end from source to consumer and learn how GS1 standards are transforming the way we work and live.
  • INTERACTIVE: Touch, find and tap your way through this animated supply chain and experience the standards journey first hand.

Don’t be left behind… utilise the GS1 Discovery App today!