Create Logistic Labels with "GS1 Print"


More and more companies require their trading partners to use a GS1 logistic label (SSCC, GS1-128) to identify products as they move through the supply chain. The GS1 Print solution enables users to create logistic labels quickly and easily so that trading partners can track and trace products throughout the supply chain.

GS1 Print was developed for small- and micro enterprises and it has been designed for easy and error-free operation. The use of this app doesn't require a connection to an internal database.

Product details

  • Access via a web browser
  • Labels in A5 and A4 format
  • Archiving of logistic labels  created
  • Include your company logo
  • Unique SSCC allocation management
  • Two labels per logistic unit

Possible element strings that you can put on the logistic label

  • SSCC - Serial Shipping Container Code, AI(00)
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) of the trade unit (outer case) or GTIN of the logistic unit, AI(02) or AI(01)
  • Count of the trade unit, AI(37)
  • Batch/Lot Number (optional), AI(10)
  • Date (optional), AI(11) order AI(13)-(17)

“GS1 Print” is a free online app that allows our members to create GS1 Logistic Labels for standardized homogeneous trade units by using the SSCC and GS1-128 barcode.