Fee information for new members

Registration Fee

GS1 is a membership organisation. To get your barcodes, you need to be a member. This requires payment of a once-off registration fee which is the same for every new member and has a value of ALL 15.000.

Annual Licence Fee

The annual licence fees detailed below are shown by licence type (size of Global Company Prefix) 

Barcodes are created using a unique prefix allocated to a named and registered company. The size and variety of your product range, or the business application, will determine which prefix is appropriate to your organisation. Barcode numbers are of a fixed size. The shorter your company prefix e.g. 7 or 9 digits the larger the number bank range you have to work with. Similarly, a long prefix e.g. 11 digits has a smaller more limited numbering capacity.

If you are unsure which prefix is appropriate for implementation in your organisation please call Membership Services on +355 42 232 073 and we will be happy to advise you.  

Annual License Fee for a GCP-11 prefix is ALL 20,000.

Annual License Fee for a GCP-10 prefix is ALL 40,000.

Annual License Fee for a GCP-09 prefix is ALL 60,000.